Creating Money Columns

Money columns are a type of Custom Column that enable you to represent monetary values in your media plan that are not part of the Cost of a placement.  This data is often for informational or tracking purposes, or could be a calculation based on costs.

Columns created will be available to all users to add as default columns for Advertisers and Campaigns.

Other Columns to represent Date, Text, Numbers, and Picklists are also available.

Create New Money Column

Any user can create a Money Column.

Click on your company name in the upper right corner of Bionic.

Click on the Administration option


Click on the Money Columns tab


Press the Add Money Column button

Enter the Name of the Money Column to easily identify what it will represent.

There are 2 options to choose from: Entered or Calculated


Entered indicates that data for this column will be entered as a literal value.  For example, if the column is Invoice Amount, you would need to be able to enter the actual invoice amount.  It would not be a calculated value.


Currency: The default option displays as ...  When selected as the default currency, it indicates to use the campaign currency.  Otherwise, you may select a specific default currency for this Cost.  The default set here can be changed for individual Advertisers,  Campaigns and placements.

Press Save



By selecting Calculated, Bionic will automatically calculate the value for each placement based on the calculation rules setup.


Calculation Method: Identify how you want values to be calculated (this cannot be edited later).  You can choose from a number of "Cost Per" or "Percentage of" options.


If you need additional Cost Methods added, contact Bionic Customer Support.

Currency:  Select the applicable default currency for this Cost (can be changed for individual campaigns and placements)

Default: If desired, enter a default rate that will automatically pull in when this Cost is selected (can be changed for individual campaigns and placements)

Overage Buffer: Enter the default %, if desired (can be changed for individual campaigns and placements)

Press Save


What's next?

Setup default Advertiser Money Columns

Setup default Campaign Money Columns


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