Creating Other Columns

Other columns are a segment of Custom Columns that enable you to represent Date, Text, Number, and Picklist data in your media plan.

Columns created will be available to all users to add as default columns for Advertisers and Campaigns.

Money Columns to represent monetary values are also available.

Create New Column

Any user can create a Column.

Click on your company name in the upper right corner of Bionic.

Click on the Administration option


Click on the Other Columns tab


Press the Add Column button

Name: Enter the Name of the Column to easily identify what it will represent.

Type: Identify the format type of the column: Date, Text, Picklist, Number (see below for detailed information about each type)

Available To: Columns can either be available to All Advertisers, or limited to a specific Advertiser.  For example, if Product is only applicable 1 Advertiser, limiting the column to that Advertiser will prevent it from being used in other Advertisers' campaigns.

Description: (optional) Provide a description of the column to help clarify the intent of use.


A Picklist column is a text field that enables a predefined list of values for users to select from.  Picklists provide consistency and easier entry when values are repetitive.

Picklists also support codes for custom Placement Names or for importing data to external systems.


Picklist Values: Enter the values appropriate for this picklist.  Use the Sort A-Z to order the display of the values alphabetically.

If values need codes associated with them for your custom Placement Name or extracting data to import to other systems, use the format: display name|code (as shown in image above).  Alternatively, you can paste from Excel columns - display name in first column, code in 2nd column.  Bionic will automatically translate to the appropriate format.

Lock Picklist: When lock is selected, users can only select from the available list of values.  When not locked (default), users can add to the list of values directly from the media plan. 

Locking is recommended when no other possible options are available or when standardization is critical.


Number columns can represent any numeric value, including decimals.


Number of Decimals:


Date columns enable you to track informational dates not tied to Task due dates.  Date format supported is mm/dd/yyyy.




Text columns offer the ability to free-type any text values up to 2000 characters.  They can be used instead of Picklist columns when their expected values have little to no consistency, such as Job Numbers or PO Numbers.





What's next?

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