Advertiser Settings – Money Columns

For each Advertiser, you can setup Money columns that will automatically carry into campaigns you create for this Advertiser. You can then override these defaults at both the campaign level as well as at the individual line item level.

Identifying the Money columns you want to include in media plans for this Advertiser is a great way to ensure consistent media plans.

Money columns represent monetary values you need to track for each placement.  These values are not considered part of the Costs that make up Total Cost, but can be calculated based on costs.  See Overview of Custom Columns for additional information.


Set Up Default Money Columns


Press the Select Money Columns button


Select the Money column you want to add.  NOTE: You can add Money columns on-the-fly.  See below for instructions.

Press Done


The Money columns you selected to include in media plans for this Advertiser will be displayed.  For Money columns, you can establish a default rate.  These defaults can be overwritten for individual campaigns & within line items as needed.

For the default currency, ... indicates to use the default currency set for the campaign.  You can override this for this Advertiser, or within individual campaigns and placements as appropriate.


Adding New Money Columns

If you cannot see a particular Money column you want to include in the list of available columns, you can create a new one.

WARNING: It is advised to double check first in the Administration section to ensure the column doesn't already exist.


Press the Add a New Money Column link


Complete the setup fields

Press Save


Next Step: Advertiser Settings – Other Columns

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