Editing Custom Columns

Editing Custom Columns

Money and Other custom columns can be edited to change the name at any time.  Attributes that change the format of the field cannot be edited after the column has been created.

To edit a custom column, click on the name of the column in the list



Once a type has been set, it cannot be changed.  However, you can convert Picklist columns to Text if they are not used as part of the Placement Name.

Available To

Once a column is used across more than 1 Advertiser, it cannot be set to only available for a particular Advertiser.

Columns set to only available for an Advertiser can be changed to available to all Advertisers.


Can be changed:

  • Currency
  • Default (Rate)

Cannot be changed:

  • Calculation Method


Can be changed:


Can be changed:

  • Can Be Totaled
  • Description

Cannot be changed:

  • Number of Decimals

Deleting Picklist Values

There are instances when Picklist values can grow too long over time. Some values may no longer be needed and it would be nice to remove them from the selection list.

Before proceeding with deleting values, be aware that when you remove values, if you later edit that field in an existing campaign that is using the removed value, you will not be able to add it back. However, it will not negatively impact existing campaigns using the field otherwise.


When editing the Custom Column, you can simply delete the values from the Picklist Values listing. Then press Save.


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