Convert Existing Picklist Columns


Historically, Bionic only offered Picklist custom columns.  As this has expanded to include additional formats, transitioning these existing Picklist columns to something else may be more appropriate.  Data such as Dates, non-structured Text, Numbers, or Money simply should not be in Picklists.


The trouble with converting Picklists to other formats is that the existing data may not fit the required format structure.  For example, if someone entered 1/1/181 accidentally, a date format of mm/dd/yyyy isn't compatible.  This introduces a high risk of data issues.


That being said, if you have the need to convert Picklist Columns there are a few options:

Convert Picklists to Text

Picklists are formatted as Text to begin with, so converting a Picklist to just Text is easy.  It simply removes the drop down of Picklist options.  This will often be a viable option.  However, if you truly need a column formatted to a specific type, see the other options below.


In Administration, click on the Other Columns tab


Press the Convert to Text button

Confirm Convert to Text

Once completed, the column will retain existing values in media plans.  However, the Picklist options will be eliminated and you cannot convert back to a Picklist.


Create a new custom column

With this option, you will be a) deactivating & renaming an old column and b) creating a new column to represent the same data using the preferred format.

This can be a great alternative when specific formatting is important.

WARNING: Existing campaigns will continue to use the old column.  If you have external dependencies that rely on an existing column, these processes could break.  It is important to analyze how changes may affect your internal processes.

Some areas to think about:

  • Customized Authorizations & IOs - If your custom exports use custom columns, changes to these columns could break the exports.  Contact the Bionic Client Success team to work through any necessary changes.
  • Upload worksheet - If you export the media plan upload worksheet to use for purposes external to Bionic, any column dependencies could break.
  • All Placement Extract - If you use the URL to extract data from Bionic, look at the various ways that data may be getting used.  Dependencies on columns could break.
  • Nightly Data Feed - If you are set up to receive a nightly data feed, look at the various ways that data may be getting used.  Dependencies on columns could break.

Here are the steps:

  1. Rename existing column
  2. Deactivate existing column
  3. Create new column & select the appropriate Type


Need another option?

If these options don't fit your needs, or you want to talk through it further, the Bionic Client Success team is here to help.  Please contact us via CHAT, by phone at (603) 676-7285 Option 3, or email at




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