Custom Columns

To better support the variety of data you may need to track in your media plans, custom columns have been expanded to support a variety of formats including Text, Dates, Picklists, Numbers, and Money.  By using formatted columns, you can establish a greater level of data consistency and in turn use that data for better insights.


Custom columns can be managed at an organizational level, or can be added by anyone as you go.  Custom columns can be made available for the entire organization to use, or limited to a specific Advertiser.

Custom columns are broken out between Money Columns (Entered or Calculated) and Other Columns (Text, Picklists, Number, Date).

Learn about Managing Custom Columns


You can now establish default custom columns for use within the Advertiser Settings.  This means you can establish which custom columns you typically present for a particular Advertiser, and then when you create a Campaign they will be automatically included.

Learn about setting up Advertiser Money Columns and Advertiser Other Columns


The Campaign settings control the defaults for the media plan.  When you create a new Campaign, the defaults established at the Advertiser level will already be included.  You can add and remove custom columns and any applicable default values at the Campaign level.

Learn about setting up Campaign Money Columns and Campaign Other Columns

Media Plan

The media plan will automatically display custom columns identified in the Campaign Settings.  Within the media plan you can enter the appropriate data and change or remove the default values.


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