Enhanced Seller Proposals

In case you didn't already know, media planners can manage RFPs in Bionic!  Define your budgets and requirements, then send directly to the vendors (even if they don't already use Bionic).  Your vendors, in turn, will respond to those RFPs - in Bionic! - allowing you to review & manage the proposals (free for Vendors to use).  And when you're ready to accept, the proposal is added to your media plan with just a click.  Learn how here.

This release has taken Seller (the Bionic app for Vendors) up a notch by giving Vendors similar capabilities found in Planner.


If you are a Planner, this will look familiar!  Packages, roadblocks, flighting, and cloning are all available in Seller.  Plus, KPIs that have been setup in the media plan will be available too!

A one-sheet guide to Seller is available here.

And just wait for what's to come... A complete RFP overhaul is on the way!


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