Quick links to media plan sections

Media plans can get BIG!  Maybe you're dealing with hundreds, even thousands, of placements, and a seemingly endless run of data to track for each of them.  Having this data in one place is great... until you have to find it.

To make navigation a bit easier, quick links to the various sections of the media plan have been added.


Just click on the section you want to jump to - we'll take you there.  Only sections you have included in your media plan will be displayed as options.

Basics Blue.png - Basic placement data such as Program, Product, Dates, Rate, & Quantity

Costs Green.png - The calculated costs

Ratings Yellow.png - Market & Ratings data

Tasks Orange.png - Task columns you have set up for this plan

Implementation DarkBlue.png - Landing page and tracking URLs

KPIs Purple.png - KPI columns you have set up for this plan

Custom Pink.png - Custom columns you have set up for this plan

Other Black.png - Placement notes and history dates



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