Set Defaults and Override Gross to Net Discounts

In our last release, we introduced variable Gross to Net Discounts in your campaigns to give you greater control over Gross/Net calculations.  This release has expanded upon this feature to enable default values for your Organization and individual Advertisers.

Let's say you're in Australia where the typical discount is 10%, so most of your gross buys will need to use 10%.  By setting 10% for your Organization default, it will trickle down when you create new Advertisers.


Here's how to set this up: Changing the Default Gross To Net Discount for an Organization

Then, you can take it another level for each Advertiser by overriding that default. So, for each campaign you make for that Advertiser, it will use that default value.


Here's how to set this up: Advertiser Settings - Basic Info

And, of course, for each Campaign, you can always override the default pulled in from the Advertiser.


Here's how to set this up: Campaign Settings – Basic Info

And finally, if any individual placements need to use a different discount, each placement can be modified as needed.


You can either edit the Discount value or the exact Savings amount.

Here's how to do that: Manually Adding Placement Details to Media Plan (go to the Costs section)




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