Add Recipients to an RFP as a Seller

If you receive an RFP from a planner, but need additional sales people to help respond, you are able to add recipients to the RFP. Anyone included as a recipient will be able to access the RFP and Proposals in it.

Recipients Tab

When you click through on an RFP and go to the Recipients tab, you will see the list of current recipients of this RFP.  Recipients will tend to be members of the agency planning team and sales people within your company.


If you see a recipient outside of your company on this list, you should contact the media planner who submitted the RFP.

Name - The name of the recipient.

Status - Identifies whether this is an active recipient. An inactive recipient cannot access the RFP. Only active recipients will display in the default view.

Email - The email address of the recipient.

Organization - The company name of the recipient.

Sent - The number of times an invitation was sent to this recipient.

Last Sent - Date an invitation was last sent to this recipient.

Last Opened - Date the RFP was last viewed by this recipient.

Proposals - The number of proposals submitted by this recipient.

Created - Date/time the recipient was added to the RFP.

Created By - The person who added this recipient.

Updated - Date/time an the last update was made to this recipient (deactivated/activated)


Add Recipient

If you need to add a recipient, you can do so at any time

Press the Add Recipient button


There are 2 ways to add Recipients.  You can use them interchangeably as appropriate.


Enter email addresses

If you have a recipient's email address, you can enter 1 or more specific email addresses (separate by a comma). Upon adding Recipients based on email, Bionic will lookup the email address to find a match. If no match is found, Bionic support team is notified so a new account can be set up for that person.


Use the Lookup to find a specific program in the Bionic directory. Each program will have at least 1 contact identified.

Once you choose the program from the list, Bionic will display the contacts listed on the data card. The contact you have set up as the main contact will be automatically selected in the list. You can select 1 or more contacts as needed.

Important Note

If the recipients in your list do not have the same email domain, you will receive a warning.


Individual RFPs CAN be sent to multiple vendors when appropriate. The warning is intended to prevent you from accidentally sending across vendors if that is not your intention. All recipients added to this list will have view access to the RFP details and all proposals submitted to it.


Once completed you can press Add Recipient or Add & Send.

Add Recipient will add the recipient(s) to the list, but won't send an invitation. You can send an invitation later by selecting the checkbox next the appropriate recipients and pressing the Send button.


Add & Send will add the recipient(s) & send the invitations immediately.


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