Create a New RFP

RFPs can be created at any time during your campaign process. It can be your first step after setting up a new campaign, or even after you have started building your media plan.

When setting up RFPs, you will need to create a separate RFP for each sales team you are reaching out to.  Each RFP will be assigned to specific recipients, and will contain the RFP requirements and resulting proposals sent back from the vendor sales team.

Create RFP

Within a campaign, click on the RFPs tab


Press the Add RFP button


RFP Name - Since you will have individual RFPs to each sales team, it's important to name your RFP so that you will be able to easily identify it - you wouldn't want 20 RFPs with the same name.

Naming based on the team you are sending the RFP to, or other unique traits, is often the best route to take.

Say, for example, you are advertising through Hearst and need to send separate RFPs for each market.  You might set up the RFPs as:

  • Hearst Lancaster
  • Hearst Pittsburgh

Another common situation is when RFPs need be separated by brand and/or channel:

  • InStyle Print
  • InStyle Digital
  • People Print
  • People Digital

Other pertinent info such as campaign name & budget(s) will all be presented in your RFP summary, and when presented to the vendors via email & on-screen.

Pull RFP Specs From - Allows you to copy requirements from an existing RFP. More information is provided below.

Press Add RFP button

Once you have created the RFP, you can complete the specifications, explained here.

Create New RFPs Based On Existing RFPs

Often, you will have common RFP requirements across specific channels. To avoid setting up requirements each time, you can pull in requirements from existing RFPs in this campaign.


You start by creating an RFP as explained above.

In the Pull RFP Specs From menu, select the RFP to copy specs from.  All RFPs that currently exist in this campaign will be available to choose from.

When you pull from another RFP, budgets, dates, and requirements will be carried forward to the new RFP.  Recipients do NOT get carried in.

You can override any requirements as needed, explained here.


Next Step: Enter/Update Requirements



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