Setting up RFP Requirements

The RFP Requirements will reside in the Settings tab of an RFP. Here you can define the specific requirements for this particular RFP including budgets, dates, and details. RFP Requirements can be completely customized for each RFP.

RFP Requirements will save automatically.

Setting Up RFP Requirements

Requirements are set in the Settings tab of the RFP.


Name - This will carry in from the name you entered when first creating the RFP. You can change this name as needed.

Status - Default = Open. Each RFP can be either Open or Closed. When an RFP is Closed, Vendors cannot submit proposals to that RFP.

Seller Status - Reflects the status of proposals from vendor for this RFP.  There is no status set until you have submitted the RFP.

  • Pending - (Default) Waiting for proposals
  • Partially responded - Vendor has submitted proposals for some, but not all, of the budgets set in the RFP
  • Responded - Vendor has submitted proposals for all of budgets set in the RFP
  • Declined - Vendor has opted to not participate in the RFP process

Activation Code - Salespeople who are set up as users of Bionic Seller can use this code to access this RFP even if they are not in the recipient list. Intended for those emergency situations where an invitee is unavailable and needs someone else to access the RFP. This code will be included in the invitation sent to those in the recipients' list.

Vendor - Represents Vendor(s) this RFP will be sent to based on recipients specified in the Recipients tab of the RFP.

Recipients - Lists out any Recipients that have been specified in the Recipient tab. You can click the Manage Recipients link to quickly jump to that tab.

Budget Levels - Enter a budget for the RFP. Press the Add a Budget Level link to add additional budgets as needed.

Proposal Due Date - Identify the date that proposals are due.

Flight Dates - Automatically populates based on campaign flight dates. Can be modified as needed for this RFP.

Requirements - Enter or copy/paste detailed requirements for this RFP.

RFP Attachments- Press Add Document to upload 1 or more supplementary documents. These will be accessibly to the Vendor. 25 MB max size.

Proposal Columns - Select whether you want make Ratings Columns or KPI Columns (that you have added to the Media Plan) available to the vendor when they complete their proposal(s).


Reviewing RFP Requirements

By clicking on the Overview tab, you will see a read-only view of the RFP. This will be what the vendor receives.


You can also preview the RFP by clicking on the Preview RFP button. This will display a copy of the email that will be sent to Recipients you send this RFP to.



Next Step:

Click on the "Next Step: Send to Recipients" button or click on the Recipients tab.

Add Recipients to your RFP.


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