Sending RFPs

Once an RFP is ready to go (requirements are present & recipients have been added), you can send the RFP to the recipients.

Send RFP to Selected Recipients

In the RFP, go to the Recipients tab

Select the checkbox next to each recipient (use the top checkbox to select all)


Press Send

Each recipient will receive an email notification of the RFP that contains the general requirements and a link to access the RFP.  If any of the recipients do not already have a login to Bionic, the Customer Support team is notified and will set up a login.

You will receive email notifications as proposals are sent back.


Add & Send

Alternatively, you can Send RFP at the same time you are adding them.

When adding Recipients, use the Add & Send button



Next Steps:

Manage RFPs

Manage Proposals You Have Received



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