Manage RFPs for a Campaign

It can be challenging to manage the numerous RFPs for a campaign - Did you send them all out? Has the vendor looked at it? What proposals have been sent back?

The RFP tab helps you to keep track of the moving pieces by listing out all of the RFPs you have set up, and provides you with summary information, filtering and search capabilities.  Validate which RFPs have recipients and requirements. Manage which RFPs have been sent. Even track which RFPs have been viewed by the vendor and whether proposals have been sent back.

You can also create new RFPs from this tab.


Name - Name of the RFP

ID - Unique RFP ID assigned by Bionic

Status - Identifies whether the RFP is Open/Closed

Seller Status - Reflects the status of proposals from vendor for this RFP

  • Pending - Waiting for proposals
  • Partially responded - Vendor has submitted proposals for some, but not all, of the budgets set in the RFP
  • Responded - Vendor has submitted proposals for all of budgets set in the RFP
  • Declined - Vendor has opted to not participate in the RFP process

Vendor - Represents Vendor(s) this RFP will be sent to based on recipients specified in the Recipients tab of the RFP

Recipients - Lists out any Recipients that have been specified in the Recipient tab

Budgets - Lists out the budgets set for this RFP

Due Date - The due date set in the RFP

Proposals - Specifies the number of proposals received back for this RFP

Created - When the RFP was originally created

Created By - Who originally created the RFP

Updated - When the RFP was last updated

Updated By - Who last updated the RFP

Last Sent - When was the RFP last sent to a recipient

Last Viewed - When was the RFP last viewed by a vendor salesperson



You are able to download this summary page by pressing the download button




If you are looking for a particular RFP or subset of RFPs, you can use search to narrow down the list by RFP Name.

In the search box, start entering a word or phrase


The search will automatically filter the RFPs that match



When managing a lot of RFPs, filtering can be a helpful tool to limit your view based on status. For instance, if you just want to see RFPs that have been responded to, you can change the Seller Status filter.  Or if you have a combination of RFPs that are still open, and others you have closed, you may just want to look at Open RFPs.

RFPStatusMenu.png             RFPSellerStatusMenu.png

Choose the filter options you want for each status and press Apply.  Your view will automatically update.


Next Step: Managing Proposals


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