Accepting & Rejecting Proposals

Once you begin receiving proposals, you are able to review the proposal details and either Accept or Reject.

Review Proposals

When you click through on a proposal, it will be broken out across three tabs: Overview, Line Items, and Flowchart.

The Overview tab will provide the vendor's rationale, the status of the proposal, budget alignment, and any attachments they have included. You will also Accept or Reject the proposal from here.


The Line Items tab will provide the placement details provided by the vendor.


The Flowchart tab will provide a calendar visualization with the ability to customize and download, just like in a campaign.


Download Proposals

It is sometimes easier to review proposals side-by-side, either in a spreadsheet or printed. You are able to download individual proposals to make the review process easier.

When viewing a proposal, press the Download button

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The proposal will open in Excel.

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Accept Proposal

If a proposal is one you like, you can accept it to add it to your media plan. This acceptance will notify the vendor and add the details of the proposal to your plan.

Note that accepting a proposal is not placing an order - simply adding to the plan consideration set. This is also noted in the messaging to the vendor. Additionally, you can always change placement details in the media plan later if needed.

To accept the proposal, go to the Overview tab and press the Accept Proposal.


If you would like to include a message to vendor, you can enter the message in the Note To Vendor box.


When finished, press the Accept button.

Once completed, the placements will be added to your media plan and the vendor will be notified.


Reject Proposal

There are a couple of reasons it may be appropriate to reject a proposal:

  • You want to negotiate further
  • You do not want to move forward at all (not a good fit, too late, or other such reason)

To reject a proposal, click on the Reject button


Identify why you are rejecting the proposal.


Reason - Select a reason why you are opting to reject the proposal

Response - Expand upon your reason, especially if you would like to negotiate further. It's imperative for the vendor to understand why the proposal doesn't work, and what they can do to better meet your needs.

Contact - Identify whether your contact information will be included in the email response

Disposition - Select whether you would like a revised proposal, or your decision is final (you will need to Close the RFP to prevent additional proposals)

Notification - Select whether you would like a notification sent to the vendor (strongly recommended to opt Yes)

Press Reject Proposal.


Closing Your RFP

It is good practice to close an RFP once you have Accepted or Rejected proposals and no longer need additional proposals. This process will help you stay organized, and prevent additional vendors from submitting additional proposals for this RFP.

To close an RFP, click through on the RFP.

On the Overview tab, press the Close button.


Or, on the Settings tab, change the Status to Closed.





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