Responding to an RFP

Once you have received an RFP, you need to respond to it. You can either Decline the RFP, or submit one or more proposals as appropriate.

Set Up Your Proposal

To create your proposal, you will need to go to the RFP you are responding to.

Click on the RFP tab to view available RFPs (or simply use the link provided in the invitation email you received).

Then click through on the RFP name.


RFP Overview Tab

The RFP details that outline the request details will display in the Overview tab.


If you have questions regarding the RFP, you can chat with the planner directly through Bionic.

From here you can click on the Proposals tab or the blue Next Step: Proposals button.


You will start the proposal by entering a Proposal Name and identify the Budget it relates to.


Press Create once completed.

Note that if there are multiple budgets, you will need to create separate proposals for each budget. However, there is a clone feature so you do not need to reenter everything.

Proposal Overview Tab

You will initially be brought to the Overview tab of the Proposal.


Here you can enter any rationale or explanation of your proposal. You can also add 1 or more documents to provide additional supporting documentation or visual representation.

You will also need to come back to this area to submit your proposal once it's completed.

Line Items Tab

You will build out the details of your proposal in the Line Item tab. This will provide the planner with all of the details they need, in a format they can easily apply directly their media plan.


Instructions for building out these details can be found here.

If you have a broadcast proposal, you can use the Upload function to import an XML file.

Once your proposal has been completed, click on the Overview tab to submit your proposal.


Once you submit your proposal, the planner will be notified. You will receive email notifications if the planner has questions, needs adjustments, or has accepted the proposal for their consideration set.


Proposals Tab

The Proposals Tab will manage proposals you have already started or sent.

There are 2 Proposals tabs - one when you first log into Bionic, from the Home page, which shows ALL proposals, and one in each RFP, which shows the proposals for just that RFP.

All Proposals


RFP Proposals


Name - Name of the proposal

ID - Unique ID of the proposal assigned by Bionic

Status - Status of the proposal

  • Draft - Proposal has been started, but not yet submitted to the planner.
  • Pending - Proposal has been submitted to the planner and is waiting for a response.
  • Accepted - Media planner has accepted the proposal in their consideration set.
  • Rejected - Media planner has rejected the proposal, but may want to negotiate further - click through on the proposal for additional information.
  • Revising - Proposal is in the process of being revised, but has not yet been submitted.
  • Withdrawn - Proposal has been withdrawn, either because it was simply pulled back, or because a new proposal was submitted in place of it.

Campaign - The name of the Campaign the RFP was sent for

RFP - The name of RFP sent

Budget - The budget(s) set in the RFP

Proposed - The amount proposed in the proposal

Variance - The difference between the budget amount & proposal amount

Sent - The date the proposal was sent

Sent By - Who sent the proposal

Created - The date/time the proposal was created

Created By - Who created the proposal

Updated - The date/time the proposal as last updated

Updated By - Who last updated the proposal



Decline RFP

If you feel an RFP is not a good fit for whatever reason, you can opt to decline. This will notify the planner so they can move forward with other options and avoid the need to follow up with you later.

To decline and RFP, press the Decline button on the RFP Overview page.



Next Step: Build out your proposal details

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