How to clear cache

How to clear cache on a PC:


To clear cache on a PC the same keyboard work for all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge). Open the browser and click ctrl+shift+delete.


This will open a dialog in the browser that will allow you to select what information you want to clear. Just select cache.

Here is what the dialog looks like in each browser:



Click the 'Clear Data' button.


Click the 'Clear Now' button.


Microsoft Edge:

click the 'Clear' button.

Once the clear cache process has finished click the ctrl+F5 to refresh the browser.




How to clear cache on a Mac:


Press CMD+Shift+Delete. Uncheck all but Cached images and files. Press the 'Clear Data' button.


Press CMD+Shift+Delete. Uncheck all but Cache. Press the 'Clear Now' button.



Press Option+CMD+E


Open the Safari Preferences pane in the menu bar, go to Advanced, then make sure “Show Develop in Menu bar" is checked.  

Click on Develop in the menu bar and click 'Empty Caches'.


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