Overhaul of Planner RFPs

Based on customer feedback, the RFPs have been completely overhauled and redesigned to offer greater flexibility, security, and management functionality.

Managing Your RFPs

Have more control over your RFPs with better tracking insights and more control over requirements. 

  • Create RFPs for each sales team you are working with, tailored specifically to them
  • Quickly see where each RFP stands and download to share with others
  • Filter your view to manage RFPs by statuses
  • Search for RFPs by name


  • Set multiple budgets
  • Build out requirements
  • Attach documents
  • Control additional columns
  • Copy from existing RFPs


  • Control who can access each RFP
  • Send invitations when you are ready



Managing Your Proposals

  • Keep track of outstanding RFPs & Proposals with new indicators


  • Keep track of proposals and statuses at a glance



Learn more about RFPs


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