Bionic for Advertisers Media Investment Dashboard

Once you are logged into the Advertiser platform, you will immediately have access to campaigns your agency teams have shared with you.  You can dive into look at specific teams or campaigns, or use the dashboard to access key insights instantly.



What's running this week? - Stay on top what's running this week with media schedules. Learn more about schedules

See Advertising Flowchart - Get a flowchart view of all your campaigns. See what's on the calendar, plan details, and more. Learn more about flowcharts

Analyze media investment patterns - Understand how you are spending your advertising budgets with allocation charts that will break out costs across your agency teams, campaigns, vendors, channels, any many other options. Learn more about allocation charts

Download media investment data - Export campaign data into a single file. Learn how to download your media investment data


N campaign with budgets to approve - Quick access to campaigns awaiting budget approval. Learn about campaign budgets


See Campaign Performance - Monitor how your campaigns are performing, what's working, and what's not to get ahead of problems. Learn more about performance data


Agency Teams Tab

Access all of the agency teams you are working with, get a high level overview of budgets and statuses, and drill down deeper to get to the details. Learn more about Agency Teams

Campaigns Tab

Get a complete listing of all of the campaigns with an overview of budgets and statuses.  Drill down to see campaign details. Learn more about Campaigns

Flowchart Tab

Access customizable flowchart views across all of your campaigns. Learn more about flowcharts

Allocations Tab

See how and where your investments are being spent. Learn more about allocation charts


Monitor how your campaigns are performing. Learn more about performance data

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