Managing Views for Campaigns in Advertiser Portal

The Campaigns tab display all of your campaigns across all Agency team.  It provides a number of options to make finding and managing your campaigns easier.

Follow / Unfollow Campaigns

You can use Follow to tag campaigns you want focus on.  You will always have the ability to look at everything, but following specific campaigns offers quick filtering to focus on what's important to you.

Follow Campaigns

To follow specific campaigns, select the check box next to each campaign name

Press the Follow button


Unfollow Campaigns

If you no longer want to follow a specific campaigns, select a campaign you are currently following

Press the Unfollow button




Filter View

You can filter your campaign view by using the Search bar, based on whether you are following the campaign or not, or to campaigns pending budget approvals.


Enter part of a campaign name to limit the results displayed


Filter By Following / Not Followed

To limit the campaign list based on whether or not you are following it, use the All Campaigns drop-down menu and select the desired filter


Press Apply to update the list



Filter By Budget

You may also filter based on budget statuses of Pending Approval or Authorized.

From the All Budgets drop-down menu, select the appropriate option.


Press Apply to update the list.



There may be times you need to utilize this data outside of Bionic.  We provide you the ability to export this summary data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Apply any applicable filters - the download will only include what's on screen.

Press the Download button.


An Excel document will open with the applicable team data.




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