Understanding Flowcharts in Bionic for Advertisers

Flowcharts provide a highly customizable breakdown of your media plan(s) that can be exported into several formats. Flowcharts can be viewed by campaign, subadvertiser, and advertiser to provide you any level of breakdown you need.

They can range from serving as visual media plans, to managing investments, to reporting performance.

Flowcharts at the Organization Level

The organizational view of flowcharts roll all of your campaigns up into a single flowchart view.  This will give you the opportunity to see all of your marketing plans, organized the way you need.  Below you will see a flowchart with media plan details grouped by Agency Team, then Campaign, color coded by Channel.



Flowcharts at the Agency Team Level

Flowcharts are also available within the individual Agency Teams.  This will roll up all of the campaigns created by that Agency Team.  Below is an example of a summarized flowchart that is breaking out the data by Campaign, then Program, color coded by Channel.


Learn more about analyzing Agency Team data here.

Flowcharts at the Campaign Level

Lastly, you can focus on an individual campaign. This will limit your view to a specific campaign.  Below is an example of a summarized flowchart that is breaking out the campaign by Channel, then Program by Week.



Learn more about campaign flowcharts here.


Next Steps:

Customizing Your Flowchart Views

Exporting Your Flowchart Views


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