Campaign Flowcharts in Advertiser Portal

Campaign flowcharts provide a highly customizable breakdown of your media plan(s) that can be exported into several formats. Flowcharts can be customized, filtered by dates, and exported to a variety of formats.  You can learn more about flowcharts and data hierarchy here.



Changing (Custom) Views

You are able to create and save custom flowchart views. Once set up and saved, they are available in the drop down menu for use anytime.


Simply select the view you want to see from the list.


Adjusting Flowchart Width


By default, you will see the flowchart in the standard "actual size".  If your media plan(s) span a long period of time, you will not see the entire time period.

Click on the Fit to Width option to zoom out and view the entire range of dates.  This option will only be available if the date range doesn't fit into the standard view. Once Fit to Width has been clicked, to revert back to the original view click Show Actual Size.


Download A Flowchart

Flowcharts can be exported in Image (.png), PDF, or Excel formats.


Simply press the output option you want.  The on-screen view will export to the respective format.


Changing Flowchart Currency

By default, the flowchart will display in the currency set for that campaign.  Any placements priced with an alternate currency will automatically convert.

To change the currency the flowchart is displayed in, select the appropriate currency from the currency menu.






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