Campaign Performance in Advertiser Portal

Campaign Performance will provide you the insights to monitor how this campaign is performing, keeping you in the know and able to make decisions when necessary.  You can see from the high level overview through detailed placement level data.

Performance Table View

When you initially go to the Performance tab, you are brought the to the high level campaign view across all placements.  Emojis will provide a quick look into what's performance on track, what's doing well, and what may need some attention.

To get more detailed information for a particular KPI, hover over the emoji to view:

  • Cumulative Goal
  • Period Goal
  • Cumulative Actual
  • Period Actual
  • Pace



Pacing Value Color Code Emoji
pace > +25% green Green_Emoji.png
+10% <= pace < +25% green Lighter_Green_Emoji.png
0% <= pace < +10% standard (dark gray) ehh_Emoji.png
-10% < pace < 0% standard (dark gray) Straight_Face_Emoji.png
-25% < pace <= -10% yellow Yellow_Emoji.png
pace < - 25% red Red_Emoji.png


You can also click through on individual placement names to see the details for just that placement.


Use the controls above the table to control how the data is presented.


Adjust the currency this monetary data is presented in.


Period Breakouts

Control how the data is broken out, whether rolled up to Totals or broken out by specific a period.



Filter your results by date to limit the time frame you are viewing.



If you don't need to look at all KPIs, you can filter your view to include only those KPIs that are important to you right now.


Download Table View

You can download the table data for the current view.

Press the Download button


The data will be exported to Excel



Performance Chart View

With the Chart View you can monitor progress and pacing, again, at the campaign level, or down to individual placements.


The chart will represent the metric highlighted on the left.  In the screen shot above, Net Media Cost is represented.

Charts can be adjusted by the same filter options as the Table View. All charts will show more detailed information when hovering over the bars and each can be exported as either an image or PDF. 


This shows you how you're doing meeting your specific goals for each metric.



Compares pace for whichever time scale (daily, weekly, etc.) you are looking at with overall pace.


Cost Per [KPI]

Shows actual cost per metric used in comparison to your goal cost per metric used.

NOTE: This tab is not available for Net Media Cost.


Lines & Goals

Allows you to see which lines are being used to track the metric that you are viewing.

  • You can click through on any of the placements to be brought to the Performance tab for that specific line item (ie. Placement level performance tab)


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