Advertiser Settings - Client Team

The Client Team tab controls which users can access this Advertiser data when using Bionic for Advertisers.  This is a separate platform that provides your clients view-only access to campaigns (media plan, flowcharts, allocations, and performance) and the approval control of budgets (Buckets).

When adding a member (user) to the Client Team, Bionic will grant that user access to the Advertiser platform and even create a new user account if one doesn't already exist.

NOTE: Adding a member to the Client Team will grant access to see the Advertiser only.  You can control which campaigns are shown individually.

Add Client Team Member

Press the Add Member button



Enter the email address of the user you want to add

Note: Access To will automatically populate with this Advertiser


  • If Bionic does not recognize the email address AND the email domain is unrecognized, it will prompt you to enter their contact and company information.
    • In this instance, it will create a new organization and user account automatically (email is sent to user)


  • If Bionic does not recognize the email address, but DOES recognize the email domain, it will prompt you to enter their contact information, but will automatically identify the Organization it will be created under.
    • In this instance, it will create the user account automatically (email is sent to user)


  • If Bionic DOES recognize the email address, the user will be added to the Client Team list (email is sent to user)


Client Team View

The Client Team view provides general information about current and prior client team members.


Name - Full name of the member (Includes photo when available)

IOImage.png (Member Status) - This reflects the status of the user account (not reflective of access to this Advertiser)

Member Statuses:

IOImage.png (Active) = Member has an active account

InactiveImage.png (Inactive) = Member account has been deactivated (cannot log in)

PendingImage.png (Pending) = Waiting for user to activate their new account

Access ID - Unique ID reflecting the this access permission

Access - Reflects the user access to this account

Client Team Access Statuses:

Open = Member has access to this advertiser

Revoked = Access to this advertiser has been taken away for this advertiser

Title - Title for this user

Company - The name of the Organization this member is set up under

Email/Phone- The email address and phone number for this user

Last Login - The date & time that member last logged in

Created - The date & time that member was created


Revoke Access

If you no longer want this member to access this advertiser, you can use Revoke to remove the access.

Select the user(s) to revoke

Press the Revoke button



Re-open Access

If a member has been revoked, but needs to be reinstated, you can re-open their access.

Select the user(s) to re-open

Press the Re-open button



Re-Send Invitation

If you had previously set up a team member, but they have not yet activated their account (status is still pending), or they can't find the invitation, you send re-send the invitation email.

Select the user(s) to re-send the invitation to

Press the Re-send button



Filter Your View

You are able to filter down your Client Team list in a variety of ways:

Search by name

In the search box, start entering a name.  The view will automatically filter as you type.


Filter by status

Restrict your view to display just Open or just Revoked Members.



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