Understanding Agency Teams in Bionic for Advertisers

Bionic for Advertisers is intended to connect you with all of the agencies you work with, providing you with everything from high-level to detailed insights around the who, what, where when, how, and how much, of your media investments. And don't forget the results of those investments!

Agency Teams are the Who...

What are Agency Teams?

Agency Teams represent the agencies you work with (external and/or in-house) broken out as teams based on how they have structured your account.  Say, for example, they approach your account by region.  Your agency team structure might look like:

XYZ Agency: Acme Company (this would be the top level representing the whole company)

XYZ Agency: Widgets (this would be a team representing just the Widget product line)

XYZ Agency: Gadgets (this would be a team representing just the Gadgets product line)

For other cases, it may be regional, divisional, or any other type of breakout.  Or, it may just have a top level.


The Agency Team is made up based on this structure: <Agency Name>: <Advertiser Name>

While this structure is probably not unfamiliar to you, we do provide Parent Agency Team to help represent the structure.  If you want to see it all, start at the top!

Additionally, you are able to rename your Agency Teams if other naming conventions are more appropriate for you.

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What's Represented On This Page

The Agency Teams tab gives you a summary view into what each team has been working on for you.  You can click through on any of the hyperlinked values to drill down deeper.

Name - This is the Agency Team name, as described above.  A star next to name indicates you are following this Agency Team.  You can learn more about following and unfollowing here

Bionic ID - An internal unique ID representing this relationship.

Agency - The name of the Agency this team is under.

Parent Agency Team - If the agency has structured your account, it will display the name of the parent of this Agency Team.  Data can be rolled up to Parent teams.  If you do not have access to the Parent Agency Team, or there is no parent, nothing will display.

# Campaigns - This will indicate the number of campaigns the agency has shared with your company.

Budget - Total campaign budget across all campaigns.

Pending Approval - The total value of budgets awaiting approval.

Approval - The total value of budgets already approved.

Planned - The total amount included in media plans

% Planned - Percentage of Budget included in media plans


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