Understanding Users in Your Organization

The Users tab is only accessible to Administrator users, and allows you to manage users to access to Bionic Planner. Each person needing access to the platform will require their own login, which can all be controlled from this page. 

User View

All active and inactive users for your organization will be listed in the table view.


For active users the org logo will be colored, for inactive users the org logo will appear in black & white. The table will also include the following details for each user:

  • User's unique Bionic ID
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date & time stamp of their last login
  • Date & time stamp when user was created 
  • Who created the user
  • Date & time stamp when user was last updated
  • Who last updated the user

The user list can be sorted by any of the columns in the table. 


There are buttons to add, deactivate, reactivate and re-send pending invitations above the table. For further detail on these click here


Filter View

You can filter your User view by using the Search bar, or based on Status.


To look for a specific user you can use the Search bar to search by their first and/or last name. The list of users will narrow by keywords entered. 


Filter By Status

You can also narrow down your org's list of users by filtering by status. The statuses available are:

  • Pending - user has been added, but their login has not yet been activated
  • Active - current user
  • Inactive - deactivated user

By clicking the All Status dropdown you will be able to select and apply a filter.



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