Understanding Bionic for Advertisers & Client Access

Bionic for Advertisers is a Bionic app that provides users with the ability to authorize budgets, view read-only media plans, pull exports, and review performance of those plans. Users of this platform may be clients, internal finance teams, or whomever needs to authorize budgets/review plans for your agency or in-house team.

Anyone who will be using Bionic for Advertisers will need access to the platform, access can be granted and managed via the Client Access tab available on the Administration page. 

Client List View

All clients that have been granted access to at least one advertiser will be listed in this view. 


The table includes the following:

  • Member's name
  • Access ID (unique to each member)
  • Advertiser(s) that they have access to
  • Access Status: Open or Revoked
  • Title
  • Company they belong to
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Date/Timestamp of last login
  • Date/Timestamp when member was created

The client members can be sorted by any of the column headers.


There are buttons above the table that allow you to add new members, revoke access, re-open access or re-send pending invitations. For further detail on these click here

Filter View

You can filter your list of members with client access by using the search bar, filtering by Advertiser(s) that they have access to or by access status. 


To look for a specific member you can use the Search bar to search by their first and/or last name. The list of users will narrow by keywords entered. 


Filter by Advertisers

The member list can also be narrowed down by filtering by Advertiser(s). Any Advertisers that you have granted client's access to will appear in the filter dropdown.

Simply select the Advertiser(s) that you want to view in the list and apply. 


Filter by Access

You can also narrow the list of members by access. There are two access statuses: 

  • Open - member is able to access Bionic for Advertisers
  • Revoked - member's access has been removed

By clicking the All Access dropdown you can select and apply a filter.


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