Adding and Removing Client Access to Bionic for Advertisers

From the Client Access tab users will be able to add new members, revoke access, and re-open access.

Adding Members

If you need to grant a member access to Bionic for Advertisers you can add members.

To add a new member press Add Member


Enter the member's email address and select the Advertiser that they should be granted access to

Click Add Member


Then fill out a contact card for the member

Click Add Member


They will receive an email providing them with a link and an activation code to activate their login. 

NOTE: This will just give members access to an advertiser, in order for users of Bionic for Advertisers to view your campaigns you will need to make sure they are shown - here's how.

Re-send Invitation

If the Bionic for Advertisers user misplaces or accidentally deletes the email containing their activation info for their account you can always resend the invite. 

Select the checkbox next to the member's name

Press Re-send Invitation 


Another email will be sent out to the email address associated with the pending member.

Revoking Access

If a Bionic for Advertiser user leaves their company or no longer needs access to the application you can always revoke their access. 

Select the checkbox next to the member's name

Press Revoke


Once access has been revoked, the member will no longer be able to access the associated advertiser and/or any campaigns that you have shown them under that advertiser.

Re-Opening Access

In the case that you accidentally revoked a member's access or if they end up needing to regain access to an advertiser for any reason you can always re-open their access. 

Select the checkbox next to the member's name

Press Re-open



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