Campaign Media Plan in Advertiser Portal

In the Media Plan tab of the campaign, you will see the complete details of the media plan.  It gives you insight into every placement, cost, and much more.


Filter Your Media Plan

Since media plans can get quite large, you are able to filter down the plan allowing you to focus on what matters to you.

Click on the Filter button


Identify the specific fields you wish to filter on.


You can select the header checkboxes to select all fields within the header, or checkmark specific fields as needed.

Once the fields are selected, press Next to define the filters for each field.

Each field selected on the prior screen will be displayed along with the Operator and Value used to define the filter.

The Operator will control the rule the value needs to follow.  Depending on the type of field you are working with, the Operator will contain different values.

When applicable, you will enter 1 or more Values in the value box.



When a field is populated with known scope of data, such as Vendor, you will be presented with a list of values to choose from.


Date values will allow you to select from a calendar or manually enter a date.



Rate and Quantity fields will allow you to manually enter a number.

If you need to remove fields in your filter,  you can click the x.png located next to the filter options you have selected.


Another way to remove and/or add fields in your fliter is to click on the Select Fields To Filter option.


Press Apply to apply the filter to the media plan.


Only the matching results will be displayed in the media plan.


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