Campaign Allocations in Advertiser Portal

Allocations provide a breakdown of where and how various attributes of your media plan(s) have been allocated. These allocation charts can be exported to an image or PDF file. Allocations are available for all major attributes of your plan, including broadcast markets and custom columns.

You can learn more about Allocations and data hierarchy here.



Viewing Allocations

Clicking on any of the attributes will automatically display the respective allocations.


You can drill down further by clicking on any of the values.


This will open a filtered view of the plan so you can focus on just what you want to see.



Download Allocations

Allocation charts can be exported in Image (.png) or PDF formats.


Simply press the output option you want. The on-screen view will export to the respective format.


Changing Allocation Currency

By default, the flowchart will display in the currency set for that campaign.  Any placements priced with an alternate currency will automatically convert.

To change the currency the flowchart is displayed in, select the appropriate currency from the currency menu.


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