Understanding Schedules

It can be challenging to stay on top of what media is being run at any given point in time. Having a media schedule can provide you a quick view of not only what's running, but also the costs and results expected or achieved.

Schedules can provide a big picture overview down through placement level details, giving you greater insights to make better decisions.

Schedules at the Organization Level

Schedules at the Organization Level will show campaign level data across all of the campaigns you have access to.

What's running this week?

The default schedule view will show you, across each of your campaigns, what is running this week - day by day - and how much spend is planned for each day.


A heat map (explained in more detail below) will help you easily visualize between high and low impact data points.

Schedule data can be sliced and diced in a variety of different ways using the controls at the top.  Learn more about customizing your Schedule views


Schedules at the Advertiser Level

Schedules are available within individual Advertisers. This will roll up all of the campaigns created under that Advertiser.


 If the Advertiser is a Parent, you can opt whether to include sub-advertisers or not.


Schedules at the Campaign Level

When viewing schedules at the campaign level, you are presented with placement level data.



Heat Map

The heat map provides a quick visual reference to distinguish between low and high impact data.

There are 5 color variations that each represent a 20% data variation ranging from 0-100%. White representing 0-20% and dark pink 81-100%.


Next Steps:

Customizing Schedule Views

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