Customizing Schedule Views

Schedules provide you the flexibility to look a variety of different data points across a specified time frame in a calendar view of your choice.

Filter Campaigns

By utilizing the Follow feature, you can control which campaigns you care about. This enables you to filter the campaigns presented based on your preference.  NOTE: This feature is available at the Organization and Agency Team levels

Learn how to follow campaigns here.

To filter based on your Follow selection:

Choose whether to filter based on Following or Not Following from the menu


Press Apply to update the view



Choose Your Time Frame

The Time Frame option enables you to identify the dates you want to work within. There are a number of predefined options such as Next 7 Days or This Year, or you can use the Custom option to define your own dates.


Once you apply your selection, the schedule will update the view.



Choose Your Calendar Preference

Your calendar preferences enables you to choose how to breakout and present your data. You can choose between Totals, Daily breakouts, or by a variety of standard or broadcast calendar breakouts.


This should be used in conjunction with time frame options (explained next) to get the best results.  For example, when look at data for This Week, a Daily breakout is probably best. But when looking at data across a year, a weekly or monthly option may be more appropriate than daily.



Choose Your KPI

While your planned Net Media Cost (the default) is often a good data point, there are numerous other metrics that could be helpful.

You can opt to view any of the available KPIs - either Planned or Actual.


Upon making your selection, the view will automatically update.





The Currency option is only available when presenting financial data.

Choose your desired currency from the menu


Upon selecting the appropriate currency, the data will be automatically converted.



Download Schedules

If for any reason you need to pull a schedule out of Bionic, an Excel version is readily available.

Press the Download button


When prompted, open the file.



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