Faster Media Planning

Numerous updates were made to the media plan, making changes happen 20x faster than before.

Every line of your media plan contains dozens of calculations. When you make a change, these all need to be recalculated. It’s nice when your media planning software does all this tedious math for you automatically. However, it’s not so nice if it slows you down.

Bionic used to do all these media plan calculations in the cloud. Although the math was right, it wasn’t fast enough.

This problem wasn’t because the cloud servers are slow – the actual calculations only took a small fraction of a second. The lag occurred because the round trip from your browser up to the cloud and back down to your browser resulted in a delay of a second or two (even more if you were on a slow network). This may not sound like much, but it adds up to a frustrating experience when you string together a bunch of these delays.

We have eliminated those barriers!

Where you may have had to wait 2 seconds for a field to update before, it takes about .15 seconds now - faster than the blink of an eye.


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