Steps To Set Up A Campaign To Receive Performance Data

The following steps outline the process to get data into Bionic and include links to the detailed instructions for each.

  1. If you are using one of the automated data sources for the Automatic Daily Update, you will need to set up "adapters" & reports as needed for any integrations using the . This is a one-time step for each. See instructions specific to the data source below.
  2. Set up one Integration for each data source (or account if there are multiple login accounts required). These can be added on-the-fly from the Advertiser or Campaign Settings as well.
  3. Add integrations to the campaign, if you didn't already in step 2.
  4. In the media plan, enter the IDs from each data source for the applicable placements. This will map the data source record to the corresponding Bionic placement. IDs are not needed for Template files.
  5. Make sure you have set your KPI goals in your media plan. Otherwise, there will be no way to compare planning against actual.
  6. Get the performance data
    • For Automatic Daily Update integrations, they should automatically start updating once ads are running.
    • For Manually Uploaded Reports, follow the instructions for the specific data source. <link>
    • For Templates, follow the instructions for downloading and uploading. <link>
  7. Monitor your performance

Note that if you are using the DCM import file, additional DCM custom fields are required. Please follow the instructions provided here.



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