How To Connect To Bionic In Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio works at the Advertiser level. You will need to create a data source connection for each Advertiser you want to report data on. Repeat the steps below for each Advertiser you want to report on in Google Data Studio.

Create A Data Source

  1. Go to Google Data Studio
  2. Log in if you aren't already
  3. Create a data source

Press the Create button


Select Data Source from the resulting menu


Enter Bionic in the search box to find the Bionic connector.


If prompted (usually the 1st time), enter your Bionic log in information.


Configure The Bionic Connector

You will need set a couple of basic options to configure the connector.


Rename Your Data Source

Since the data source is specific to the Advertiser, you may want to rename the data source to reflect that Advertiser.

Click in the name field to rename the data source.


Enter the new data source name.



Select an Advertiser from the drop down menu. An Advertiser is required.


When selecting an Advertiser, you will be presented with the full hierarchy of Advertisers. You can opt to select just an individual Advertiser. This will give you data for just this Advertiser. Or, for any of the Parent Advertisers there will be an option "(with subadvertisers)". Selecting one of these will pull all of the data under that Advertiser and all Subadvertisers.


By default, monetary data will use the Advertiser's default. You can leave this option blank if the Advertiser's default currency is appropriate.

If you need to change the currency, choose the appropriate currency from the drop down menu.


Other Actions

Log Off Bionic is currently the only option available in this list. While you do not need to log out of Bionic under normal circumstances, this option is available in case you need Google Data Studio to log out.

Use Report Template

When selected (it is by default), a report template will be used to display a dashboard of your data. You can use this template as a base to start from, or opt to build a report from scratch.

Press Connect to confirm the set up of the Bionic connector.



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