Setting Up Your Facebook Integration

There are 2 main methods for getting Facebook performance data into Bionic:

API connection (preferred method)

With the Facebook API connection, Bionic will automatically receive daily updates of your performance data as configured in your integration. The daily updates will pull data from the prior day. You will have an option to Sync data to make full updates as needed.

Load data from a report you run in Facebook

If you do not want to connect via API, you can opt run a report from Facebook and manually upload the data to Bionic. Even if you opt for API normally, you can also use the upload method as backup.


Facebook Integrations

Regardless of the integration method, you will need to set up a Facebook integration.

If you are using the API connection, you will need to set up 1 integration for each Facebook account you are working with.


Set Up Facebook Integration

Click on your company name (top right corner)

Click on the Administration link


Click on the Integrations tab


Press the Add Integration button

Click on Facebook in the Add a New Integration box - Click Next


Complete the integration configuration


Integration Connection

This is only necessary for the API connection. If you are using one of the other methods, you can skip this step.

The Integration Connection is where you will grant the appropriate Facebook credentials to access your account.

Press the Connect button.

If you are not currently logged into Facebook with your account, you will be prompted to enter your credentials:


If you are logged in, but Facebook isn't open, you will need to enter your password:


HINT: If the wrong account displays, close this box, log out of Facebook & repeat the process.

You may also be prompted to confirm access:


For future Facebook connections, your initial Integration Connection area may look like this:


Select the option as appropriate.

Once connected, the Integration Connection area should confirm you are connected.



The Account menu should display all of the Accounts your Facebook profile has access to.

Select the appropriate Account to use for this particular integration. You will need to set up separate integrations for each account.


Time To Run

Identify when you want Bionic to call data from Facebook. You want to be sure Facebook has time to complete the processing of the day's data, so we recommend pushing to an early morning hour in your time zone.


Integration Name

Enter an Integration Name that will clarify unique characteristics, such as the Account it's connected to. When identifying which integrations to use for Advertisers & Campaigns, this will make it easier to know which one to select.


Available To

Identify whether this integration should be available to All Advertisers or just a specific Advertiser.


If you select a Specific Advertiser, no other Advertisers will be able to use this Integration.

Press the Add Integration button to save the integration.


Next Steps:

  1. Set up your Advertiser or Campaign to use this integration
  2. Map Facebook ads to the Bionic placements

If you are not using the API connection, you will also need to pull the report from Facebook to load into Bionic.


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