Adding & Updating Program Settings

Programs Settings are general points of information about the brand/property/station/publication being represented, such as the Name, website, Reach & Impressions, description and more. These are critical introductory data points to help media planners get to know you better.

There are 4 sections under the Settings tab: Basic Info, Image, Description, and Ordering. Click on each section and complete the pertinent information.

Remember that completing as much data as possible will improve your Quality Score and make your program listing more helpful and appealing to media planners.

You may change any data currently listed as needed.

Basic Info


Program Name - Typically, this will be the brand name of this program

Here are some recommended naming conventions you can use to help media planners recognize you at a glance:

Brand or publication: Facebook, Men's Health (include country if primary focus is to a specific country outside of the US)

Local publications: Almanac Weekly Kingston NY (include town & state / country for clarity)

TV Station: WATE TV Knoxville TN (include town & state / country for clarity)

Radio Station: 100.1 FM KJBI Pierre SD (include town & state / country for clarity)

Website - Enter the URL of the website representing the brand.

Currency - Select the currency that rates will be represented in. This can be changed in proposals you submit, or media plans that planners build, as appropriate.

Reach/month - Enter the typical Reach per month. You can update on a monthly basis if desired.

Impressions/month - Enter the typical Impressions per month. You can update on a monthly basis if desired.

Attachments - Upload any supplemental attachments that may be helpful to media planners, such as your media kit.



It is recommended that you upload an image to represent this brand. This will typically be the brand/station logo or a publication cover.

To add an image, press the Browse button.


Select the appropriate file to upload. Once complete, your image will show on screen.


To remove an existing Image, press the Remove Image button.

You can then repeat the Browse process to replace with a new image.


Sharing a detailed description about your brand is a critical part of your program listing. Media planners will use this description to better understand what you are all about and how it may relate to their desired audience.

Often, descriptions used in your "About" section or Media Kit are a good place to start.

Include as much information as you wish, but also remember there are sections specific to contacts, products, and profile. No need to include those here too.




Add any pertinent ordering instructions you wish to share with media planners.



Next Step: Program Contacts

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