Add, Update, and Deactivate Programs

As an Ad Sales user, you have control over your Program listings. You can update listings Bionic has created on your behalf, add new Programs, and deactivate Programs that are no longer available. You can also upgrade or downgrade Programs between Standard and Premium listings.

All Program management capabilities can be found in the Programs tab in your Ad Sales account.


Add A New Program

You will need to add Programs when new advertising opportunities arise not already included in Bionic. This could be a new website, publication, programmatic or social platform, TV or radio station. The program will contain all of the pertinent information related to advertising through that brand, including products, rates, contacts and more.

To add a new Program, click on the Add Program button


In the Add New Program box, enter the name of the Program.


Here are some sample names you can use to help you:

Brand or publication: Facebook, Men's Health (include country if primary focus is to a specific country outside of the US)

Local publications: Almanac Weekly Kingston NY (include town & state / country for clarity)

TV Station: WATE TV Knoxville TN (include town & state / country for clarity)

Radio Station: 100.1 FM KJBI Pierre SD (include town & state / country for clarity)

Press Add Program when complete.

Once complete, you will fill out each section of the program details.

Bionic staff will periodically audit program listing and update as required.

Program Settings

Program Setting provide general information about this program including the name, website, reach, impressions, description, and ordering information. You can also upload an image to represent the brand visually.


Detailed instructions and information about this section can be found here.


Contacts will provide media planners the name, email, and phone of any sales contacts that should be listed on this program. You can opt to provide 1 or 2 key contacts that will pass along sales opportunities to appropriate sales staff, or you can list out all sales staff.

It is especially important to keep this up-to-date, as media planners will reach out to these contacts for sales questions, RFPs, and orders.

Detailed instructions and information about this section can be found here.


The profile highlights important demographic, firmographic, and/or geographic information about this brands customers, viewers, visitors, etc as appropriate. Media planners love to have a general idea of the type of people they will be marketing to when buying through you.

Detailed instructions and information about this section can be found here.


Product represent the advertising opportunities offered within this brand across all channels. Whether it's a Leaderboard, TV Spots, Full Page print ad, or Billboard, you will want to include all main product options you offer. You can also provide rate card rates, reach & impressions, ad specs, and more. This data will be available for use when building your proposals, as well as for planners researching and building their media plans.

Detailed instructions and information about this section can be found here.

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