Adding & Updating Program Contacts

Contacts are another critical piece of information that media planners need in order to do business with you. Media planners will use contacts listed to reach out with questions, RFPs and orders. It is necessary to have at least 1 contact so they are able to connect with a salesperson.

You can opt to have a central contact(s) that distributes questions or leads. Or you can include key or all sales staff. Whatever contacts opt to use, remember to keep them up-to-date as staff changes.

You can add, edit, and remove contacts as needed.

Also note that if you need to update contacts for multiple programs (such as when employees come and go), you can do these processes in batch.

Adding a New Contact

To add a new contact, press the Add Contact button


Begin by entering the email address of the Contact and press Add Contact.


If Bionic has a record of that email address, we will display the contact record information for that contact.


Press Confirm to add the contact. Contact Bionic Customer Support if this is not the correct contact.

If Bionic does not have this email address on record, you will be prompted to enter the contact's information.


Complete the fields and press Add Contact.

Once complete, you contacts will be displayed.



Identifying a Primary Contact

If you have a particular contact that should be the first point of contact for most situations, you should identify that person as a primary contact.

Select the primary contact by placing a checkbox next 1 of the contacts. Note, you can only have 1.

Press the Mark as Primary button.



Editing an Existing Contact

You can modify contact information for any of the contacts on your listing.

Click on the Contact Name to open the contact in Edit mode.


Update any of the information as needed. Press Save Contact when complete.



Removing an Existing Contact

If any contacts listed should no longer be listed, you can remove them as needed.

Select the contact(s) you wish to remove by placing a checkbox next to them.

Press the Remove Contact button.



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