Updating Program Profile

The Profile section will highlight key demographic, firmographic, and geographic information about your audience. This information is extremely helpful for media planners to get a quick glance at how your audience may align with the audience they are looking to reach.

If your program is more generic or all-inclusive, like a Facebook or Google Ads for example, high-level or common breakouts are fine. It is understood that vast ranges of targeting are available in these cases.

Adding Profile Information

To add Profile details, press the Add Profile button.


You will be prompted to add the Profile details.


Name - Enter the name of the Profile such as Gender, Household Income, Industry, etc.


Choose whether your values will represent "Percentage of monthly reach" or "Reach per month".

Enter the individual Values and respective quantity or percentage.

Use the +Add icon to add spaces for additional values.

Use the trash can icon to remove values you don't want.

Once you have completed entry of Values, press Add Profile.

Repeat for each Profile you want to include.



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