How to Fix Problems with Programs

How to Fix Problems With Your Programs

The programs in Bionic are a representation of your brands and the advertising opportunities you have to offer. You are marketing to hundreds of agencies just by having your program listed in Bionic. Ensuring they are complete and up-to-date is critical for media planners to easily get the information they need to make educated decisions and reach out when they are ready.

If media planners don't know who you are, what you offer, or who to contact, they will likely pass you by!

Bionic has created some guidelines to help you know when your programs are complete, or if they need a little attention. These guidelines are based on what media planners want to see and will be highlighted in your Programs tab, as well as within the Program edit mode.

When you view the Program tab, you may notice some warnings and information in red. These indicate where some of your problem areas may be.


Below outlines some key problems you may encounter in your Program listings and what you can do about it.

How to Fix Low Visibility

If you want to promote your programs, it's important that media planners can see it. Even if a media planner knows you exist, they are much less likely to include you in a media plan or RFP if they don't see you there.


your programs have a visbility of Private, no one outside of your company can see it. In this situation, you will need to Publish the program. You can learn how to Publish your programs here.

Low - Low visibility programs are published (media planners can see them), but are considered Standard listings. You can upgrade your programs to Premium to ensure High visibility. Learn how to Upgrade your programs.

High - This is the preferred visibility to give your programs front and center attention every time a planner creates a new campaign.

Learn more about Standard vs. Premium programs.


How to Fix Low Quality


Low quality indicates that critical pieces of information are missing from your program and/or it is out of date. A Quality grade is calculated based on those attributes. Your goal will be to get a grade of 100, however, grades over 70 will be considered of good quality.


Here are the key areas of your programs to ensure high quality:

  • Keep your listing up-to-date. If you have updated in a few months, you probably should. Simply updating your card will fix this problem.
  • Does your program have an image? Brands are more easily recognized visually - make sure your image is there. Learn how to add or update your image.
  • Do you have a description? How is a media planner supposed to know what you do or who your audience is without one? Learn how to add or update your description.
  • What is your monthly Reach and Impressions? Yes, the numbers are important too. Learn how to add or update your reach & impressions.
  • Who should they reach out to? Missing Contacts make it challenging to do business. Learn how to add or update your contacts.
  • What are your Product offerings? Tell them about what you offer, how much, and how many. The more details you provide, the higher your grade will be. Learn how to add or update your products.



How to Fix Missing Contacts


Without contacts, media planners will have no way to reach out to do business with you. It is critical to have at least one contact included in your program.


If it indicates missing contacts, you do not have any contacts listed on that program.

Click on the 'Missing' link to go directly to the contacts so you may add contacts to your program.

Learn how to add or update contacts.



How to Fix Stale Programs

Out-of-date programs are not a good representation of your brand. While information may not change too much throughout the year, it is best practice to make a monthly-quarterly review. This let's media planners know that what they are seeing is accurate.
In addition to general updates, it is important to stay on top of sales staff turnover and update your program contacts as necessary.
An annual overhaul is also recommended to reflect new media kits - products, rates, profile, branding, and marketing content.

How to Fix Missing Products

Products represent the specific advertising space you offer. Since Bionic for Agencies is a multi-channel media planning platform, it is important to include products across ALL of the channels.
If products have not been included in your programs, it will be marked as 'Missing'.
To add products to your program, click on 'missing' to go directly to the Products section of the program.


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