What Are Ads And How Do They Work?

What Are Ads In Bionic?

We all know that placement details like Program, Product, Dates, and Rates are critical to managing a successful media plan. But that's only half of it. What about the creative that makes the impact in that ad space? Understanding which ad creative is tied to the placement pulls together the 2 parts of the whole, providing creative, media, and the client better insights for decision-making.

Bionic allows you to incorporate your ads into your media plans. This allows you to track ad details such as the Name, Ad Number, and Creative, plus report on key information like usage, spend and performance.


How Do Ads Work?

Working with Ads in Bionic is very simple. Once an Ad is set up, it is automatically tied to associated Advertiser and can be used within any campaign under that Advertiser.

Ads can be created from within an Advertiser, a specific Campaign, or even on-the-fly when building out your media plan.

As you build out your plan, you will associate an Ad with each placement. The plan will display the actual creative.

You can then report on that ad in Flowcharts and the Ads tab under the Advertiser or Campaign.


Next Step: Start setting up your ads

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