Presenting & Reporting Plans with Ads

Once you have set up your Ads and associated them with placements in your media plans, you can include them in your client presentations and reporting.

Media Plan

By default, Ads are included in your Media Plan output. Instructions for exporting the Media Plan can be found here.

The Media Plan will include the Ad Name and Ad Code:


If you have (or would like to have) a customized Media Authorization that you want to include Ad information in, please contact Bionic Customer Support at or (603) 676-7285 Option 3.


Flowcharts can also be used to present Ad data as part of internal or client presentations or reporting.

You can group them together to highlight placements by Ad or report on spend.



If you simply want to highlight the Ad associated with a placement, you can use Color Coding.



Flowcharts are also available to report at the Advertiser level to help you report on Ads used across multiple campaigns.

Spend and Usage

While the Flowchart can help you look at spend and usage in a chart view, you can also get a simplified view under the Ads tab which available for both individual campaigns as well as the Advertiser level.

When you click on the Ads tab, it will display all of the Ads set up for that campaign (or Advertiser when looking at that level). Here it will let you know how many lines (campaigns if looking at an Advertiser) are associated with the Ad as well as the total spend for those lines.


You can click on the Lines or Planned Spend to see a filtered view of lines (or campaigns as applicable)) associated with that Ad.



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