Managing Ads

You can manage Ads within the Ads tab of either the Campaign or Advertiser. Here you will see all of the Ads associated with that campaign or advertiser making it easier to know what is in use and what you may need to add, deactivate, or delete.


Adding Ads

If an ad you need is missing, you can create it from the Ads tab by clicking on the New Ad button. Instructions for adding new ads can be found here.

If you are working at the Campaign level, double check at the Advertiser level before creating a new ad, as the ad may exist but hasn't been included in this particular campaign.


Finding Ads

If you have a long list of ads, you can use the search and filter options to narrow down the list.

Use the Search to look by keywords or letters. This will automatically filter your results to matching Ad Names.


Use the Filter options to limit results based on Status, Campaign Name, Channel, and/or Ad Unit.



Deactivate Ads

Over time your list of ads can get very long for an Advertiser. It is best practice to use deactivate to clean up ads that are no longer in use. This will keep the ad for historical and reporting purposes, but will not display in the media plan Ad listing or the default view of the Ads tab.

To deactivate an ad, place a check mark next to the ads you want to deactivate. Then press the Deactivate button.


Hint: When a campaign is complete, if you will no longer use those ads, filter your ad list by Campaign Name. Then use the top check box to select all Ads and press Deactivate. This will remove all of those ads in 1 swipe.

You can Activate Ads in the same manner - press the Activate button instead.

Delete Ads

Ads can only be deleted 1) at the Advertiser level 2) if they are not in use. If the Delete button isn't available, you will need to use Deactivate instead.



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