Associating Ads With Placements

The main purpose of Ads is to ultimately provide clients and/or internal teams a holistic view of the plans and performance. To achieve this, ads must be associated with their respective placements.

Associating An Ad With A Placement

While working in the Media Plan, the Ad field will display the all Ads currently set up for this Advertiser.


After completing the initial placement details, click into the Ad field.


All of the Ads set up for this Advertiser will display in the menu.

Select the Ad applicable to this placement.


The image present in the Ad will automatically display in the Media Plan.


View Or Edit An Ad In A Placement

Once an Ad has been associated with a media plan, you can easily view and edit it directly from the plan.

Hover your mouse over the Ad.


Click on the Ad to open the details of the Ad.


From here, you can look at the Overview tab to check out the details of the Ad. Click on Settings to edit any details of the Ad. Click on the Usage tab to see where this Ad is in use.

Remove Ad From A Placement

If you need to remove an Ad from a Placement, click on the X in the bottom right corner of the Ad field.



Next Step: Presenting & Reporting Plans with Ads


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