What Is Benchmarking?

As a vendor, Bionic provides you with valuable insights about your program listings, including quality and performance, as well as the ability for you to take control of their content and promotion.

The Quality of programs represents the presence of specific content that has been included in your program listings such as contacts, products, and description. The Performance analyzes the use of these programs in agency media plans and the spend tied to each placement they have been included in.

Knowing this information is incredible. But how do you stack up against your competition?

Benchmarking provides you the insights to compare your programs against other programs in the Bionic platform. How many placements is a program in? How much spend has been planned? How does that compare to what your programs are doing?

*Note that the numbers in the screenshot below are for demonstration only & do not reflect the real data in Bionic


With just a few clicks, you can compare your programs against any program in Bionic to see how you are doing.

Learn how to use Benchmarking

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