Vendors You Work With (Or Could)

The Vendor tab provides insights about the vendors you work with and easy management tools to help you keep track of the details. You are also able to look at and manage vendors you don't already work with.

It will highlight the number of campaigns the vendor has been included in, and the amount of planned spend for each. You can also see contacts, programs and campaigns associated with this vendor.

The Vendor tab is available at each level: Organization wide, Advertiser, and Campaign. Each level will default to show all vendors applicable to the level.

Using The Vendor Tab

When you click on the Vendor tab, by default, you will see all of the vendors you work with.

If you are at the Organization level, as shown above, it's a complete list of every vendor included in a media plan. When looking at the Advertiser level, it will be all vendors used under that Advertiser. And the Campaign level, all vendors used in that campaign.

Vendor Name - The name of the vendor that owns the programs used in media plans. For example, you may use specific publications in a plan such as Town & Country, however the Vendor is Hearst. This view pulls together all data related to the respective Vendor.

Image - The image will represent the vendor logo.

ID - This is a unique ID for this vendor.

Campaigns - The cumulative number of campaigns in which this vendor is used.

Planned - The total amount of spend planned for this vendor.

Metadata- Any custom fields that you have configured for the vendor.

Again, the data represented will be based on the level you are viewing the data.


Filtering The Vendor View

You can adjust the view presented by searching and adjusting filters.

Searching For A Vendor

If you would like to see data for a specific vendor, you can use the Search function to limit you view.

Simply start typing the vendor name in the search box. The view will automatically filter to display matching results.

Filtering Results By Date

When filtering results by date, it will only report Vendors used during the period specified. The number of Campaigns & Planned data will also update to reflect dates within that specified range. This is a great way to look at spend for last year, spend coming up next month, and so on.

Use the Date controller to specify the date range you want to limit results to.

Press the X in the Search box to clear the filter.

You can either a preset control in the list, such as Last 7 Days or Last Year. Or you can set your own date range using the Custom... option.

Press the X in the date controller to clear the filter.

Vendors You Don't Work With

As noted previously, the view will default to vendors you already work with. However, you may have instances where you want to research or reach out to vendors you don't already work with.

To enable viewing of these vendors, click on the Campaign filter.


Select the "In 0 Campaigns" option. You can deselect the "In 1+ Campaigns" option to eliminate vendors you already work with, if you wish.

Press Apply to update the view.

With around 8,000 vendors indexed, you finding the vendor you want is best accomplished by using the search to narrow your results.


Viewing Details Of A Vendor

For any vendor, you can find additional details about that vendor, the programs they offer, and a summary of the plans they are part of.

By clicking on the Vendor name, you will be brought an overview of that vendor.

Within this view, you can see general information about this company, including any Metadata you have set. There are also tabs that break out their Contacts, Program Listings, and Campaigns this vendor has been included in.

If you click on the Campaign quantity or Planned spend, it will bring you directly to the Campaigns tab of the Vendor details.


Edit Metadata

The metadata in a vendor is any custom field that you wish to include about that vendor. Any miscellaneous information you would like included will be in this field. The metadata shown on the Overview tab of a Vendor can be modified through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Vendor you wish to modify the metadata of.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Fill out any Metadata fields you have preconfigured in the Administration Panel.

Vendor Contacts

The Vendor Contact page will display the complete list of Contacts from Programs under that vendor. It can be used as a quick look up for communications or other reference.

If you need to add more contacts, you must do this within a specific program. Additional instructions can be found here.


Vendor Programs

The Programs tab will display all of the programs under this vendor that you've used in campaigns (limited to the Advertiser or Campaign when viewing from either of those levels).

Just like Vendors, if you click the Program name, the Program details will display. If you click on the Campaigns or Planned amount, it will show the details of the spend for that program.

Additional instructions for viewing & managing specific Programs can be found here.


Vendor Campaigns

Under the Vendor Campaigns tab, it will list out all of the campaigns that this vendor has been included in.

Clicking on the Campaign Name will bring you to the campaign.

Clicking on the Advertiser Name will bring you to the Advertiser.

If you click on the Campaigns or Planned amount, it will show the details of the spend for that program.

Additional instructions for viewing your Campaigns can be found here.



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