Viewing & Managing Programs Within A Vendor

From a Vendor, you are able to access their Program listings. These programs will contain pertinent information about the brand, what they offer, who to contact, as well as campaigns you have used it in previously.

Accessing Programs For A Specific Vendor

If you are not already viewing the Vendor, you will need to go there first.

For a complete listing of Vendors you've worked with, go to your Home page in Bionic and click on the Vendors tab. Or go to an Advertiser or Campaign for a filtered list related to what you are looking at.


Once you have found the vendor you want to view, click on the vendor name in the list. Instructions for finding vendors in this list can be found here.



Vendor Programs

Once you are viewing the Vendor, click in the Programs tab to view the Program listings for this vendor.


This view will show you the list of Programs, the logo for the brand, the status of the program, the number of campaigns it is in, and the amount of spend you have planned within Bionic.

To view Program details, click on the Program Name.


The Program will bring you to the Overview page of the Program.


Program Overview

The Program Overview provides general information about this Program (Brand, Station, etc). You can also access information about who to contact, audience profile, ad products available, and where you have used this program in the past.


You can return back to the Vendor view at anytime by clicking on the Vendor Name.



Program Contacts

The Contacts for this program are listed under the Contacts tab.


Bionic will provide at least 1 contact you can reach out to. However, you may already have your own sales contact that might not be listed. Adding the contact here will share it with others in your company, provide easy access when sending RFPs, and can help create automation in your IOs.

Adding A New Contact

To set up a new contact, click on the Add Contact button.


Enter the email address of the contact.


If Bionic is unfamiliar with the email address, you can complete the details when prompted.


Otherwise you can confirm when prompted.


That contact will then be added to your list of program contacts. It will only be available for your company to see.


Editing Contacts

Any contacts you have added, you have the ability to edit their information. If you need information changed for contacts automatically provided, please contact Bionic Customer Support.

To edit a contact, click on the Contact Name.


This will open the contact details in edit mode.


Make any necessary changes and press Save Contact.


Removing Contacts

You can only remove contacts that have been added by your company. You can remove 1 or more contacts at a time

To remove (a) contact(s), check the box next to each contact you want to remove.


Press the Remove Contact button.

Mark Contact As Primary

Marking a contact as the primary contact can be especially helpful for IO automation, as well as clearly identifying your main salesperson for this program. Only 1 contact can be a primary contact.

To flag a contact as primary, check the box next to the appropriate contact.


Press the Mark as Primary button.

The contact will then display a star next to it indicating it as primary.



 Program Profile

The Profile Tab of the program will provide a profile of the audience. This can help you get a sense of the people who will be reaching.


This information is provided by the vendor.


Program Products

The Products tab of the Program will provide a list of the product this program offers, as well as additional helpful details.


Products are the individual advertising space or options available through this program. This could be a Full page ad, Leaderboard, TV or Radio Spot, eNewsletter banner, Pre-roll video etc. Products will store not only the options, specs and reach/impressions, but also any rates the vendor opts to share and can also store your negotiated rates.

These products will be available to select from when you build your plan.

In addition to standard products, you can also add additional products that will only be able for your company to see.

While typically you would add Products on-the-fly in your media plan, you can also add them here.

Adding Private Products

To add a private product, press the Add New Product button.


Complete the details you know about the product.


Press the Add Product button to save.


Note that the rate you enter will represent "Our Rate", private to your company.

Deleting Private Products

If a product is no longer applicable, or one was added inadvertently, you can delete it. You can only delete products added by your company. You can delete more than one product at a time.

To delete a product, place a check next to the product(s) you want to delete.


Press the Delete button


When prompted, press Delete again to confirm you want to delete the product.


Program Usage

The Usage tab of the program will overview which campaigns you have used this product in.


It will display the campaign name, image, the advertiser the campaign belongs to, campaign start & end date, the amount of spend that has been planned, and the number of placements the program is in.

You can click on the Campaign name to view the campaign.

Clicking on the Advertiser will open that advertiser.

Click on the Spend or Placements will bring to the campaign media plan.


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