Managing Ad Sales Users


Each member of the ad sales team that will be accessing RFPs, managing program content, or are contacts on programs will need access to log into Bionic for Ad Sales. While this access can be provided by Bionic Customer Support, it can also be set up by Administrator users with your company.

Administrator users will have access to see who has access, add, edit, and remove users. Bionic Customer Support can grant Administrator access to applicable staff upon request.

Here is where you can access the Administration area of Bionic.

Click on your company name

Click on the Administration link


Click on the Users tab (this area is only available Administrator users)


Adding Users

If a person from your company needs access to Bionic, you can add them.

To add a new user press Add User button at the top of the user list 



Enter the user's email address


NOTE: Email address must be the same domain as your organization. If this differs, please contact Bionic Customer Support.

Click Add User

Fill out contact information for user

Click Add User


The user will receive an email providing them with an activation code and a link to activate their account. Once activated they'll be able to access Bionic Planner.

The user will be "Pending" until they activate their account. This pending status will display the following icon:


Re-send Invitation

If the user accidentally deletes or misplaces the email containing the link to activate their account and their activation code you can resend the invite. 

Select the checkbox next to the user's name

Press Re-send Invitation


Another email will be sent to the email address associated with the pending user. 

Deactivate Users

If a Bionic user has left the company or no longer needs access to the platform you can deactivate them. 

Select checkbox next to the user's name

Press Deactivate



Once deactivated the user will no longer be able to access Bionic Planner.

Reactivate Users

If an inactive user needs access to Bionic again you can reactivate them.

Select the checkbox next to the user's name

Press Reactivate


Once reactivated the user will be able to login to Bionic using their original username and password. If they need this reset please reach out to our Client Success team at

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