Batch Add & Remove Program Contacts

As employees come and go, having to update these changes on each program, one-by-one, doesn't make much sense. You have better things to do with your time. You can add and remove contact in batch instead!

First, program contacts MUST have a user account. You can contact Bionic Customer Support to add users. Or an Administrator can add users.

Add Contacts In Batch

Say you get a new employee who will be a contact on some or all of the programs you have in Bionic. You can add that person to all cards in 1 process.

Go to the Programs tab.

Select the applicable programs to add the contact(s) to.


Press the Add Contacts button.


Select the contact(s) you want to add to the programs.

Press Add Contact.

All selected programs will update to include the selected contact(s).


Remove Contacts In Batch

If an employee has switched roles or is no longer employed by your company, you can remove that contact from cards in one process.

Go to the Programs tab.

Select the applicable programs to remove the contact(s) from. If you aren't sure which programs a contact is included on, it is ok to select all of them just in case.


Press the Remove Contacts button.


Select the contact(s) to remove. This list will include all contacts that are included on the selected programs.

Press Remove Contact to confirm.

The contact(s) will be removed from all programs where they were included.


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